Managed Services

                           ~ Tailored to your needs

AUTS offers four levels of managed service:

– Proactive Monthly
– Routine Weekly
– Partial Employee Replacement
– Outsourced Staff

Proactive Monthly

AUTS offers the proactive, monthly managed service plan to meet the needs of most of our small business clients.  You want your computers to run like clockwork and to have your questions answered before you have to ask them.

Proactive monthly clients have priority over clients who forego managed services in times of crisis (e.g. virus outbreaks, power outages).  For more routine crises, proactive monthly clients have wisely invested in forestalling them before they’ve even started.

Know with certainty that your updates have been installed, your virus definitions are the most current, and your backups have been tested.  Choose our proactive monthly plan.

Routine Weekly

Your business is growing and our proactive monthly coverage has stabilized your information technology systems.  You want to start using computers for more than e-mail and basic applications.  Growth demands regular information technology expertise.

For the small business with large goals, we offer routine weekly information technology managed services.

Partial Employee Replacement

When businesses first utilized personal computers, every fifty employees required a full time IT staffer to assist them with networking, e-mail, file sharing, etc.  Improvements in technology and user savviness have improved that ratio to over one hundred users to each full time IT employee.

Is your business in the grey zone?  Do you need regular IT support, even every day, but do not have room in your budget for a full time tech support employee?  Or, possibly, can you afford an inexperienced staffer, but still need more advanced support?

AU Technical Solutions has resources available at every level to meet needs of any extent.  Not only will your business save money, compared to the costs of a full time employee, you will benefit from the many levels of expertise we offer.

Outsourced Staff – Multiple Partial Employee Replacements

A significant challenge to the business that might consider hiring a full time IT employee is finding one who is skilled, experienced, and smart enough to perform the role of the Chief Information Officer, but current enough (and willing) to do more routine and labor-intensive tasks.

AUTS can fill both of those roles with our staff, adding the benefits of redundancy of knowledge and overlap of skills. Your entire business won’t be dependent on one person.  We will engineer your systems to have at least two people who can perform any technical function, while assisting your business with budgeting and administrative tasks necessary to facilitate the use of technology.